Catron County Arrest Records

Search for Catron County NM arrest records. Arrest records contain information about felony arrests, misdemeanor arrests, criminal charges, civil charges, mug shots, aliases, personal information, sex offender registry information, convictions, incarcerations, and other information for performing a thorough background check.

Jails and Prisons in Catron County New Mexico are charged with incarcerating convicted criminals at the federal, state, and local level, and they also detain people awaiting trial. Catron County Jails and Prisons maintain detailed records about the people they detain, which includes arrest records. Catron County arrest records contain criminal history information, including any arrests for felonies or misdemeanors, arrest or search warrants, convictions and court sentences, as well as all current and prior incarcerations. These Catron County records list personal information about convicts, including their names, dates of birth, mug shots, and aliases. Jail and Prison records also state whether the individual is on the sex offender registry. Anyone can request arrest record information from a Jail or Prison.

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Sheriff Departments in Catron County New Mexico are responsible for policing and protecting a community by stopping crimes and performing investigations. Catron County Sheriffs also maintain arrest records as part of their law enforcement responsibilities. These Catron County arrest records contain detailed criminal history information, such as arrests for felonies and misdemeanors, prior or current arrest warrants, criminal or civil charges, and any convictions, court sentences, and incarcerations. In addition, Catron County public arrest records contain personal information about offenders, including names, dates of birth, mug shots, and aliases. Sheriff's Department records also list whether an individual is on the sex offender registry. The public can request arrest records from the Sheriff's Department, and some departments provide online request forms.

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